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Do you have a desire of having long, beautiful and healthy hair, flowing down your waist? If yes, then the solution is Nag Hair Kit (formerly known as Cobra Hair Kit) a 200 year old Ayurvedic formula.

With Cobra Hair Extension treatment you can have up to 150 cm long hair within a few months. It is old well tried on thousands of people world wide.

Nag hair kit is a unique formulation prepared from the extracts of Bhringraj, amla, Nimbu, Amervela, Neem, jatamansi, olive oil, almond oil and many secret Indian Ayurvedic Hand picked Herbals grown in our own farms with a lot of hard work.

If used as per the prescribed method and for the prescribed period enhances the growth of hair upto 2-3 inches a month. Its equally beneficial for India, American, African, Asian & european hair.

Nag Hair kit (also called Cobra hair kit) is a quality product from 5 Generations & 170 Year old Ayurvedic Company Singh Herbals. "NAG HAIR KIT” is a BOON in real sense for hair. If used as per the prescribed method and for the prescribed period arrest hair fall, increase thickness of hair strand and promote hair growth several times.




  1. Measure your hair before starting & after each month of uasage. Comb your wet hair backward. Pleace a measuring tape from forehead to the end of hair tips. Repeat each month.
  2. Use with massager.
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How to Use:

v Wash your hair well with Cobra Hair Shampoo, to make your scalp dust free to enable deep penetration of the oil into the hair roots.

v Apply Cobra Hair Oil on the scalp and massage it gently with finger tips for ten minutes.

v The applied oil should be left on the scalp for minimum for 24 hours or at least 2 hour.

v Repeat oiling daily for best results.

v Always wash your hair with Cobra Shampoo twice a week.

v You may give your scalp a hot towel treatment every week i.e. soak the towel in hot water (Under the tolerance limit ) and wrap it on the head till the cooling of the towel. Repeat this for 6-7 times.

v Also take 'Grow Hair Capsules & Val Sudar capsule' for best results.


If used as per the prescribed method and for the prescribed period increase growth of hair up to 2-3 inches a month. Any health individual can get long, thick, black and shinning hair within few weeks. Cobra (nag) Oil & Shampoo are made with whole herb extracts that capture the full healing intelligence of each plant for maximum potency and effectiveness. Especially blended for dry, brittle & life less hair, these formulations contain only life-giving botanical and pure essential oils in a completely natural base. 

Dos & Don'ts

Ø Take balanced diet rich in proteins & vitamins. Take food freshly prepared at home.
Ø Take 10 almonds & 10 resins empty stomach previously soaked for night.
Ø Try to comb hair in opposite direction at night. Do not comb hair more than twice a day.
Ø  Keep hair in plait, don't unwind hairs.
Ø  Do not wash hair more than twice week.
Ø If you are affected from any other ailment please feel free to share with us.
Ø  Protect hair from direct sunlight or direct heat.
Ø  Do not do excessive mental hard work.
Ø  Don’t take unfired onion. Excessive intake of tea, coffee, alcohol, meat, and fried, oily, greasy, spicy, sour, and acidic foods can reduce the moisture and nutrients reaching the hair follicle.